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Booking and Terms

 Booking Fees and Terms and Conditions


We are a Ltd company based in Swindon, UK with affiliations to professional associations and groups. 

Our umbrella company is Podpadstudios Ltd but we also trade under

With regards to Hire 

  • Please note we do not supply replica props to comic or film cons.

  • Creations that are available are all unique and take inspiration from many film and TV sources providing your audience with something very different.

  • We charge a booking fee for each hired item, there are no hidden charges or deposits, just one flat fee. Fees available on application.  The larger items have a higher fee, however, their impact with regards to pulling in the crowds to your event will be significant.

  • All our creations are accompanied with an operator and all insured and covered under our PLI, we do not dry hire.

  • We do not allow third party charging for any photos in, around, or on, any of our creations and reserve all rights. Where third parties  are explicitly setting up photoshoots and charging for photos and are hiring for this purpose we will charge an additional hire fee to cover any damages that may occur.

  • Please note that our film inspired vehicles are not road legal and can not take part in processions on the public road unless suitable arrangements have been secured by the event organiser..

  • We endeavour to rope off larger displays at events for public safety but organisers might need to make their own provisions under certain circumstance s or larger crowds. 

  • Please note if booking one of our film vehicles that provision will need to be made at your venue as the vehicle will be delivered by truck/trailer and suitable parking will need to be arranged after unloading.

  • We reserve the right to cancel any booking but will always give 24hrs notice where possible and will return the fee if we have made the cancelation. Cancellation of a booking by the client 12hrs before the event will forfeit the booking fee.

  • Payment for bookings must be made 10 days in advance of the event. If payment has not been received within that time we will not be able to attend the event. 

  • Unfortunately we will no longer deal with cash on delivery. 

  • Depending on distance from our base in Wiltshire we charge no fee for Children's based Charities and have five rebooked Charity events per year. Please contact us to pre book your charity event. 

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