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The Steamer

Inspiration was taken from the Batman Dark Knight Trilogy. Our Tumbler has a Steampunk interior with Cyberpunk  exterior styling.One of the main reasons for building The Steamer was to make it accessible for partially sighted children with brail used through out and an awesome sound  system triggered from touch pads throughout the interior. Sitting in the driving seat is an animatronic Batman. At 15ft long and 9ft wide the vehicle is a 900kg Radio       control monster with some serious presence. 

Alien v Terminator

Inspiration taken from the famous Moto Terminators from the Film Terminator Salvation and the Artist H.R.Giger. Our Retro-futurist styled machine has a working 600cc 120bhp engine, working side mounted mini guns and a serious Alien attitude.

The SteamPod

Inspiration taken from the Batman Dark Knight Trilogy. Our Bat Pod has a heavy Steampunk styling with some great lighting effects. At nearly 14ft long this motorcycle is not for the fainthearted.

K7 of 9

Inspiration taken from Dr Who and Star Trek.

After attending may UK events and meeting countless K9 replicas I decided it was time for something different, meet K7 of 9.

Assimilated by the Borg when he was a puppy this K9 is not a lovable doggy.

Zoe Droid: R11:E1

Inspiration taken from Star Wars and the famous R series droids.

Zoe provides a complete cutaway of her body panels revealing the working electronics and looks beautiful with her glow in the dark paint and illumination.Her name comes from the film Caparica, where a young girl sole is transplanted into a robot creating the first Cylons.

Izzy Droid

Inspiration taken from Star Wars.

Izzy, named after Isambard Kingdon Brunel.

She is an autonomous animatronic

Steampunk Droid with working steam

effects. Many of her parts are taken 

from authentic antique furniture

making her the oldest Robot in

the studio

Emy Droid: R6:1E

Inspiration taken from Star wars and the R6 Droids.

Emy was one of the first Droids created by the studio and has become a legend in her own right. All the Droids are fully RC and attend many of the UK Film and Comic Cons

C.I.D Droid
Inspiration taken from the old republic Star Wars comics.CID is modelled after a T3 Droid but with a number of unique differences. He is one massive droid and in his carbon fibre livery certainly looks menacing.

The Fly.VR:  Blade Runner

Inspiration was taken from the famous Blade Runner films in building our very own Cyberpunk vehicle which would look good in any dystopian future. Featuring a fully drivable vehicle with 995cc triple cylinder engine, VR driving experience, automatic doors, and a huge amount of LED and strobe effects. When sitting in the driving seat of this vehicle you can imagine flying over the world of tomorrow.

Inspiration for the 95Spider comes from  multiple sources. The work of the Artist H.R.Giger had a massive influence on the vehicle with its bio mechanical Cyberpunk look. The 1995 Batman Forever film also played a significant role in the styling of the vehicle. With a full steampunk interior, working propane after burner, NOS injected 16v  engine, eight wheels, unique paintwork and lighting, this 22ft long and 9ft wide monster will certainly take centre place at any event.


Inspiration taken from Dr Who.

Victoria is a Steampunk styled Dalek Caan with fully animatronic and autonomous mutant 

controlling the Dalek.

As well as having some

amazing steam effects

 she also has an awesome 

sound system.

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This Cyberpunk machine is heavily influenced from the famous Tron Light Cycles but with a unique styling twist. As well as being ridable and sporting a 600cc 120bhp engine the whole bike glows in the dark

Smart Coupe Time machine. BTTF.

You will have never seen a BTTF time machine like this one before.Forget the Flux capacitor and mr Fusion, we have a working Cappuccino machine, touch screen time circuits, even voice control via 'Alexa'.


Inspiration taken from the famous film, Clash of the Titans.

Our Bubo is larger than the film prop and fully animatronic, with working wings, eyes, beak and head movement.

 It is rare we produce replica props but in this case it is to honour one of the

greatest Film FX artists ever,

Ray Harryhousen.


Red Player One

At the press of a button this awesome machine turns from a two wheel to four wheel vehicle, the worlds first Akira mobility scooter. Fully kitted out with GPS Sat Nav, on board sound system and computer controlled electric engine.Say hello to a 2019 take on the famous 1988 film bike

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