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Testimonials from our Clients

It would be impossible to get testimonials from every event organizer we work with as our props have attened hundred of events over the years and been see by thousdands of people.

Kelly Gabb   Olive Tree Fun day


Kelly Gabb, organiser of Olive Tree Fun Day said, "We were so excited to have the 95Spider batmobile, by Podpadstudios at our event. Everyone loved the car, and we've seen so many pics and comments about it on social media, it generated excellent publicity".  


David Burrows - Stars of Time

“I am pleased to have developed our partnership over the last few years. Podpadstudios' props help us attract a wider audience and have become an integral part of the show's success, helping it become the premier sci-fi showin the south west”

Green Cross Code Droid Project.  Dave Prowse


After attending a South West Sci-fi convention Podpadstudios received a great commission. Dave Prowse, the actor who played Darth Vader in Starwars and the 1980's Green Cross Code man asked the studios if we could help him out with a project.

 'Droid', the little green robot that had been used in the 1982 TV commercial 'Always use the Green Cross Code' was in need of a 21st Century refurbishment. It was a great honour to be asked to complete this rebuild of the iconic 80's screen robot which was brought up to date ready for Mr Prowse. Rebuilding the 30 year old robot was a considerable challenge as it was very important that the original look was retained, and that it was reliable.  The great man, David Prowse is no longer with us, but we still have great memories of the time we worked together, R.I.P : you were our Vader,  always in our hearts. 

Warminster Activity Airsoft and Paintball Centre.  The StarGate Portal Project

Full size Stargate prop was designed and created for the Paintball and Airsoft Centre at Warminster placed in the centre of the 50 Acre site. 

"I was chatting to my marshals and they told me Mark builds film quality props, so I had to have a chat and find out more. As we chatted the enthusiasm and knowledge became apparent straight away.I found out he was a  sci-fi buff as well, as we chatted about projects past and present the Stargate came into the conversation and I wanted one there and then. 1 week later Mark came back to me with detailed drawings and ideas and various price options. I chose the one for me and with in 2 weeks I had a 3 meter Stargate that looks amazing and is a center piece to my growing Airsoft site: it is out of this world. I have commissioned him to build a DHD (DIAL HOME DEVICE) to complete the the Stargate experience and I can't wait to get it. I will have more props from mark in the future as they are an asset to the business."


YouTube video of site:

Dave George. Owner Warminster Activity Centre

Weston Super Mare Grand Pier

One of our latest Client has now retained our services to work on the Ghost Train feature on the Grand Pier as well as lots of ofter features and upcoming events.

"He builds fully-operational scale models of his favourite sci-fi robots and shows them at fan conventions around the country. 

His impressive models of robot dog K-9 from Doctor Who and an R6 droid unit from Star Wars are made from recycled materials."Full article

"One Artoo in particular catches Dak’s eye, a Steampunk Droid built by local teacher, artist, and props builder Mark Enright, whom the 
BBC profiled in 2010"   Full article

BBC Wiltshire on The Steamer: See Full article

BBC  Wiltshire on the Smart Car Time machine: See Full article

"Calne teacher creating his private robotic army"   Full article

Great Article by The Swindon Advertiser on Podpadstudios Ltd. February 2018: Full article 

April 2016 edition of Airsoft Action Magazine featuring the Stargate by Podpadstudios

   Click to read Full article.      

Endorsements by the Stars

Brian Wheeler: StarWars

We see Brian at many events we attend and he is such a great guy, always offering positive feedback on our creations.
"These are the best droids I have seen and would quite happily fit in any film I have been in and in the near future! The steam R2 D2 is the most creative one and brings a smile to my face as soon as I see him, which by the way, I never notice the operators". Brian Wheeler (Ewok & Jawa on ROTJ)

Danny John Jules:  Red Dwarf.

Offered some great comments about our SteamPunk Droids at this years Corsham Sci-fi event.
"The Steampunk droid really made my day"  Danny John Jules

John Levene . Dr Who

John was very taken with the T3:E1, C.I.D and the laser projection system fitted in its head. He spent sometime doing a photo shoot with the droid and got some great images.

Dave Prowse: Star Wars : Green Cross Code

Podpadstudios was very honoured in 2014 as we were asked by Mr Prowse to refurbish the 1982 iconic Green Cross Code Droid used by him in his role as the Green Cross Code man.
There was a great smile on his face when we presented the rebuilt Droid back to him.

"It is simply outstanding, what a great job" Dave Prowse.

Caroline Monroe James Bond

We met Caroline at this years Stars of Time and she was very taken with Zoe R11:E1
"What a beautiful creation" 

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