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'Building the future from the past'
Specialists in mechanical Steampunk &
Cyberpunk models & props.
Hiring models and props to UK Events,
Exhibitions, Film and TV.


Prop and Model making

Podpadstudios has been making models and props for many years. In the early years we specialised in making replica robots, Droids and Daleks for Sci-fi conventions and exhibited our work both Nationally and Internationally. The Robots from Podpadstudios have raised thousands of pounds for Charity and we are well known in the Sci-fi community for producing unusual and unique robot designs.

In 2015 Podpadstudios became a more commercial venture building upon its considerable portfolio of props and models plus our desire and passion to build outstanding props and models for events and exhibitions. We currently supply most of the larger UK events and conventions with our work and always feel proud to belong to such a great community. 

We have established ourselves as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of mechanical Steampunk and Cyberpunk props.

Many of our props hired by UK comic and film conventions have inspired links to film and TV but are uniquely styled in a Steampunk and Cyberpunk way, many offering a full animatronic experience.  

No other UK company offers the unique symbiotic mix of TV and film inspired props with a Steampunk and Retro-futurist mix, with a twist of animatronics. 

As well as offering a hire service for our models and props we also accept commissions for  any model making work, especially  Steampunk or Cyberpunk styled. 

We do not charge any consultation fees and offer free quotes for any work, just drop us an email and discuss your project

By hiring one of our props for your event you can be assured you will be getting something totally unique, not simply a replica of an existing prop or vehicle.  All our props have interesting back stories as we build everything in house from the smallest animatronic props to the larger film vehicles. 

If you feel you would like an unusual prop or feature for your event browse through our collection or contact us to see what is in the pipeline, quality and individuality is guaranteed. We build props and models, it is our passion. 

'Building the future from the past'
Our Clients
Hire & Event Booking


Podpadstudios Ltd is a model and prop making company with workshops based in Swindon,Wiltshire, UK. We specialise in making props and models for exhibitions, TV, and film. Podpadstudios is becoming the UK's leading fabricator of Cyberpunk and Steampunk machines taking inspiration directly from film and TV. It is fair to say that we have a passion for everything Steampunk and Retro-fusturist. The beauty in this Genre is in the attention to detail which is paramount to create an authentic looking prop, many are built from reused materials. All of our props are interactive offering either a full animatronic experience or radio control, even our larger film vehicles. Many of our builds are inspired by great artists and engineers from the past, such as H.R.Giger and Isambard Kingdom Brunel and from the writing of Jules Verne. As our collection of  props grows weekly we strive to create something very special exploring further the Cyberpunk and Steampunk genre with our animatronic twist.  To check out what is new follow us on Social media.

Props & Models



We are asked a great deal, why Steampunk and Cyberpunk?


In a world filled with items made from plastic and moulded in the 'Jetsons style', with mass produced products filling the shelves in shops it seems that the element of craftsmanship is dying. 

There is no replacement for an item made by hand with all the care and attention to detail that involves. 

At Podpadstudios we want to create props that explore technology and design through a different telescope.

I love the juxtaposition of modern technology with Victorian materials combined into a vision of the future, or is it the past.

With Steampunk incorporating modern technology and aesthetic from the 19th century, with its  steam powered machines and Cyberpunk showing depictions of the dystopian future with design   rooted  in an earlier era these two genres encapsulate our work completely. With all of our props you are immersed into an interactive experience either through interacting with an animatronic robot or experiencing a film vehicle designed like no other.



Please feel free to give us a call or email to discuss your projects. We will consider any project be it the smallest static sculpture to larger Theatre set design work. We specialise in animatronics, moving models and props, so if you want it to move get in touch. No other company in the UK offers  Steampunk and Cyberpunk  styled animatronic props and models as we do.  Podpadstudios has evolved over the years to become a great one stop solution to hiring unusual props for your events or exhibitions. We always have something very special each year and our collection of film vehicles is growing considerably.  Podpadstudios is also available for charity events. please email to book.



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Podpadstudios Ltd.

Managing Directors : Mark Enright BA (Hons)

                                     Anna Enright BA(Hons)

'Building the future from the past'
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